Capt. Jerry Ascough


Jeremy was another of our four pilots. He was one of the most experienced and best-natured members of our crew, always quick with a joke and a smile and willing to help out with any task required. He also had one of the most compelling personal stories from our group, having gone through quite a personal journey to arrive at this once-in-a-lifetime mission. His stories from South Africa included amazing airplane tales, daring microlight flights, a few military encounters, and some exciting wildlife adventures. Listening to Jerry tell these stories was a highlight for everyone on the crew, and after hearing all of those stories we all agreed that we would be having a reunion at the Ascough residence in South Africa as soon as possible.


The highlight of One More Orbit for Jeremy was getting to share it with his wife and love of his life Magdalena, who had flown in from their home in South Africa. 


A few days after we landed and the G650 air-to-air filming was complete he went for a flight in the F-104. The rest of the crew was very jealous to say the least! Although he had a smile on his face from the beginning of our mission, the smile after that flight in the Starfighter was his biggest.



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