Magdalena Starowicz

Flight Attendant

In many ways Magdalena was the glue that held our crew together. She was also probably the most interesting person on the team, having had a diverse aviation career across the globe. Her primary job on One More Orbit was crew safety, and she was also responsible for keeping us fed and keeping all of our cameras and equipment from cluttering the cabin. Because of the extended legs across the ocean and also across Antarctica she had prepared special winter-survival gear for us to use in the unlikely event we went down over the ice, and also open-ocean gear in case we went down over one of the many oceans we crossed. 


Magdalena also had a special relationship with Terry- she immediately disapproved of his penchant for Diet Coke. In fact, she made it clear that he would have to drink three bottles of water for every one can of Diet Coke. What’s more, when Magdalena selected his food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she chose something that wasn’t exactly his favorite. But it was his fault because he never turned in his food requests before the mission. The whole crew got a lot of laughs out of that and they still joke about it to this day.


Magdalena lives with her son in Doha, Qatar.



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