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Watch the One More Orbit crew successfully secure the world speed record on a flight mission circumnavigating around Earth over the North and South Pole in less than 47 hours.

On July 9-11 2019, 50 years after man first walked on the Moon, Action Aviation Chairman Hamish Harding and former International Space Station Commander Col. Terry Virts broke the Round-the-World record for any aircraft flying over the North and South poles in a Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER ultra long-range business jet. The attempt pushed the boundaries of human ingenuity - just like the Apollo 11 mission half a century ago.

New World Record :

46h, 40min, 22sec

Flight Path Summary: 

  • Leg One (North Pole) : Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA -> Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan​.

  • Leg two (Equator) : Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan -> Mauritius​

  • Leg Three (South Pole) : Mauritius -> Punta Arenas, Chile.

  • Leg Four (Equator) : Punta-Arenas, Chile -> Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA.

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About the movie production

Our very own One More Orbit crew member and NASA astronaut Col. Terry Virts made his debut as a documentary film director at the same time as our 46-hours and 40-minute flight mission was airborne and underway.

"Most documentaries get shot following the subject over months and sometimes even years. We only had 47 hours to shoot our documentary, and there would be no second chances to capture the action! Much like space flight, there was no margin for error. " -Col. Virts


As Col. Virts pointed out, the One More Orbit flight mission bore in fact many similarities to a space flight mission. Having spent over 7 months living in space and having flown space missions on both the American Space Shuttle and the Russian Soyuz, Col. Virts served as the One More Orbit Mission Director and Documentary Film Director.  Although, a first-time film director, it was not Terry's first mission combining flight mission and film production. During EXP 42/43 onboard the International Space Station (ISS) Terry filmed images of Earth and Space for the IMAX Feature A Beautiful Planet, 2016. An IMAX production of which our DoP James Neihouse, ASC, was also the Director of Photography. 

Col. Terry Virts

Astronaut & Mission Dir.


Flight Crew

Meet the eight ONE MORE ORBIT polar circumnavigators

Capt. Jacob Bech

Pilot in Command

Capt. Jerry Ascough


Capt. Hamish Harding

Pilot & Mission Director

Col. Terry Virts

Astronaut & Mission Dir.

Magdalena Starowicz

Flight Attendant

Capt. Yevgen Vasylenko


Ben Ruger

Flight Engineer

Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF

Payload Specialist

Dan Green, CSC


Col. Gennady Padalka


Bill Bennett, ASC


Flight Crew: Single Leg



One More Orbit: 

  • Directed by: Terry Virts

  • Writing credits: Terry Virts & Matt Scott

  • Narrator: Terry Virts

  • Executive Producer: Hamish Harding

  • Executive Producers: Jim Evans & Geoffrey Campbell

  • Produced by: Brian Etting, Peter Etzweiler, Meredith Emmanuel & Terry Virts

  • Director of Photography: James Neihouse, ASC

  • Edited by: Shannon Albrink & Jake Shaver

  • Music by: James Aschuitto

  • Associate Producer: Harrison Chase

G650ER World Record Flight Crew: 

  • Mission/ G650 Captain: Hamish Harding

  • Director/ Astronaut: Terry Virts

  • G650 Pilot in Command: Jacob Beck

  • G650 Pilot: Yevgen Vasylenko

  • G650 Pilot: Jerry Ascough

  • Payload Specialist/ Live-Stream Engineer: Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF

  • Qatar Executive Flight Engineer: Benjamin Rueger

  • Qatar Executive Flight Attendant: Magdalena Starowicz

  • Russian Cosmonaut: Gennady Padalka 

  • G650 Photographer: Dan Green

  • G650/ F-104 Photographer: Bill Bennett, ASC

Flight Support: 

  • Mission Director: Captain Ian Cameron

  • F-104 Pilot: Piercarlo "Capone" Ciacchi

  • F-104 Camera Operator: James Neihouse, ASC

  • Qatar Executive VP Flight Ops: Captain Palle Jensen

  • FAI Representative: Kris Maynard

Florida Unit: 

  • A Camera: Bradford Fuller

  • B Camera: Ashanthi Haidar

  • C Camera: Richard Dine

  • D Camera: Richard Crudo, ASC

  • E Camera: Jon Skattum

  • Z Camera: Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF

  • 1st Assistant Camera: Mark Bucksath

  • 2nd Assistant Camera/Media Manager: Ty Heflin

  • Stills: Chris Garrison

  • DIT: Hector Lopez

  • Rigging Asst.: Dan Keaton

  • Rigging Asst.: Richard P. Kelly

  • Best Boy: Giles Harding

  • Sound Mixer: Joe Neihouse

  • Additional Sound: Jeffrey Pendergrass

  • Production Supervisor: Connie Swanson

  • Production Coordinator: Chris Sheahan

  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Sam Ubeda

  • Key Production Support: Jon Swanson

  • Production Assistant / Cam Mini Van: Matthew Bragg

  • Production Assistant: Samuel Blair

  • Production Assistant: Topher Robb

  • Production Assistant: Andres Restrepo

  • Production Assistant: Lauren Fraser

  • Production Assistant: Miranda Trevino

  • Unit Publicist: Meredith Emmanuel

  • Live-Stream Director: Dennis Lundin

  • Add'l Photography: Jordan Evans

Kazakhstan Unit: 

  • Director of Photography: Dan Green

  • Camera Operator: Dave Bigelow

  • Production Service Provided By: Wear a Hat Productions

  • Wear A Hat Productions Producer: Ylina Safonova

  • Wear A Hat Productions Executive Producer: Edward Mkhitaryan

  • Production Manager: Zhanara Turpatova

  • Camera Operator: Yerkinbek Ptyraliev

  • Camera Assistant: Akhremebko Alexander

  • Production Sound: Maksat Sadibekov

  • Special Thanks: Astana International Airport JSC​, Aviation Security service, Non-Aviation Marketing Department, Botagoz Satybaldy, JSC "NC" Astana EXPO-2017

Mauritius Unit: 

  • Director of Photography: Nick Sadler

  • Camera Operator: Peter Holland, ASC

  • Drone Operator: Bruneaux Adlophe

  • CEO, YU Lounge: Philippe Jacques Dupont

  • Founder and Managing Director, YU Lounge: Nirvan Veerasamy

  • Vice President, YU Lounge Operations: Anas Joomun

  • Digital Marketing Manager, YU Lounge: Kevin Seeburrun

  • Operations Manager, YU Lounge: Shailendre Munnee

  • Head of Accounts, YU Lounge: Ashley Nund

  • Lounge Manager: Pooven Sockalingum

  • Hotels Provided by: Holiday Inn

  • Mauritius Camera Operator: Cedrick Palan

  • Production Assistant: Alix Chung

Chile Unit: 

  • Director of Photography: Bill Bennett, ASC

  • Camera Operator: Kseniia Grenefeld

  • Production Services by: Red Creek Productions

  • Producer: Ivan Entel

  • Producer: Nico Entel

  • Producer: Daniela Hamra

  • Producer: Alejandro Araya

  • Location Manager: Rodrigo Moreno

  • Camera Operator: Pablo Letelier

  • Assistant Camera/Download Manager: Patricia Venegas

  • Driver/ PA: Francisco Andrade



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