Capt. Jacob Bech

Pilot in Command

Jacob was our aircraft commander, the person responsible for getting the mission done, safely. He led the crew of four pilots, one flight attendant, and one flight engineer through the two-day flight, and continuously communicated with our mission control team in Qatar. Jacob was a perfect leader- he was serious when he needed to be, was in-control of the situation for the entire flight, and funny when he had the chance, as you will notice in the out-takes at the end of the documentary. I don’t think he was able to rest for more than a few moments during the entire mission, because he carried the burden of being the man responsible for the safe execution of this mission. There were constantly lots of eyes focused on him from Qatar Airways, his friends and family, and millions of fans around the world who were following OMO on the internet.


The best part of the whole adventure for Jacob was having his lovely wife and two very cool teenage daughters (who have very popular Instagram accounts BTW) with him in Florida for launch and landing. 




Meet Capt. Jacob Bech

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