Mission Statistics

Flight Mission Statistics: 

  • Call Sign: One More Orbit

  • Official World Record Time: 46hrs, 40min, 22sec

  • Total Distance Traveled: 22 422 NM (40 172 KM)

  • Speed To Beat: 444 KTS (822 KM/HR)

  • One More Orbit Average Speed: 465 KTS (861 KM/HR)

  • Time To Beat: 52hrs, 31min, 48sec

  • One More Orbit Final Flight Time: 46hrs, 40min, 22sec

  • Time Margin: 5hrs, 51min, 26sec

  • Views: Between the live stream, social media, CNN Anderson Cooper's Full Circle, and Extra. One More Orbit has 55 million views and counting.

  • Green Flight Mission: One More Orbit partnered with The Carbon Underground to achieve a Carbon Negative flight mission.

One More Orbit Official Mission Patch

One More Orbit Flight Path Map

Flight Path Summary: 

  • Leg One (North Pole) : Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA -> Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan​.

  • Leg two (Equator) : Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan -> Mauritius​.

  • Leg Three (South Pole) : Mauritius -> Punta Arenas, Chile.

  • Leg Four (Equator) : Punta-Arenas, Chile -> Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA.


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