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The Mission

One More Orbit is a successful multinational attempt to break the world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the earth via both poles, in a Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER ultra long-range business jet.

The record was accomplished during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Apollo 11 moon landing, as a tribute to the past, present, and future of space exploration.

The team launched the record attempt from, and returned for the finish to, Space Florida's Launch and Landing Facility (the former Shuttle Landing Facility) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, from where Apollo 11 launched their historic mission 50 years ago. The mission started at 09:32 EDT – the same time as Apollo 11.

The speed record is certified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) and GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™.

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In Depth Interviews

Watch more in depth interviews with Hamish Harding, Terry Virts, Jannicke Mikkelson and Gennady Padalka on the EVA Podcasts.

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Final Flight Time: 46:40:22
Total Distance: 22,422 NM (40,172 KM)
Speed to Beat: 444 KTS (822 KM/HR)
Average speed: 465 KTS (861 KM/HR)
Margin: 5hrs 51min. 26 sec.

Flight Tracking

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The Aircraft

The fastest ultra-long-range business jet in the world, the Gulfstream G650ER is capable of reaching Mach 0.925 and sustaining a comfortable Mach 0.90. Powered by two Rolls-Royce BR725 A1-12 Turbofans delivering 16,900 pounds of thrust, the extended range variant is capable of flying 7,500 nautical miles at up to 51,000ft.

The Crew

Mission Directors
Capt. Hamish Harding
United Kingdom

Action Aviation chairman, mission director and one of the four pilots

Col. Terry Virts
United States

Astronaut (International Space Station commander, Space Shuttle astronaut. Soyuz astronaut) and US Air Force test pilot

Col. Gennady Padalka

Cosmonaut (International Space Station commander, Mir and Soyuz cosmonaut, record holder for the most days in space by any human - 879 days)

Qatar Executive Crew
Capt. Jacob Ove Bech
(Denmark), Pilot
Capt. Jeremy Ascough
(South Africa), Pilot
Capt. Yevgen Vasylenko
(Ukraine), Pilot
Magdalena Starowicz
(Poland), Flight Attendant
Capt. Ian Cameron
(United Kingdom), Director of the Mission Control Centre
Benjamin Rueger
(Germany), Lead Engineer
Aircraft Live Feed
Jannicke Mikkelsen
(Norway), Onboard Live Stream Operator




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